Sangeeta Jha – Sunshine

At first glance Sangeeta Jha would seem like any other house wife, but getting to know her more closley, one discovers an immense entrepreneurial potential in her. Sangeeta is about 36 years old, married and has 4daughters and a son. Her husband works as a priest. Sangeeta was not fortunate enough to get education. She had a plan to start her own Liquid Fabric Whitener Business but her financial condition never gave her that confidence to start up the business.

She got the information about Shikhar Microfinance Pvt. Ltd. from Shikhar’s Executive and she says she saw some ray of hope, so she started planning for her new business. She was encouraged by her husband. His support was not confined to just verbal encouragement, but he actually volunteered to share the responsibility of the business. They bought the raw material, from the whole sale market and bought a machine to make it into powder. After mixing the powder with water packaging and branding is done. She named her brand as Sunshine brand and sells it to the nearby grocery shopkeepers. Now she has grown as a Mini Entrepreneur. She has employed 2 workers for branding, packaging & marketing and they are paid on commission basis. Her brand is in great demand in the local market.

Sangeeta says that she is benefited immensely from Shikhar Microfinance. It gave her the confidence to start something on her own and utilise her skills productively. Sangeeta says,” Day to day problems do crop up in any activity, but we should not regard them as problems but rather as challenges and face them positively.’’ She even adds that she wants her daughters to be well educated as education for girls is very important, with education, they will progress in life and become independent. This is the only dream of her life.