Praveen Begam – The Taste of Success

Praveen Begam was a happy Housewife and never thought of entering into business. She used to stay in a slum, then under governments housing scheme they were given a proper house to live.

Later she and her husband struggled for some stable job to fulfil their basic necessities, and somewhere they also wanted to do something which can employee there family and similar families in the community. In April 2013 during the Area Survey Mr. Moh Yasin Husband of Praveen Begam meet Shikhar’s staff, as Mr. Ajay Kumar (Shikhar Staff) Briefed Praveen Begam’s husband, he was very excited and he and Praveen Begam convinced other ladies to form a group and avail the facilities provided by Shikhar (loan). They took a loan from Shikhar and started a wafer candy business in which they even employed the local ladies and kids in packing and then the male folk carried it in cycle’s to the market to sell in the retail shops. In this way they have become happy employer and earning quite well. Praveen Begam says – “आशा करते है शिखर कम्पनी की ओर से समय-समय पर जरूरत-मंद लोगों तक इस सुविधा का लाभ मिलता रहे।’’