Babita Gautam – Selling Education With Taste

A mother six children wandered in search of food and shelter. Her life was a struggle as husband Bahadur Singh was not earning enough by prescribing medicines to local people as he lacked any professional degree. To support a big family, she had to shoulder with her husband, she started a candy shop outside-in the sun and put all articles on a wooden cot. Throughout the seasons winter, summer, rains she somehow managed her life. Sometimes she broke down and found her way a bed of thorn but a little hope was still there. She wanted to educate her children so she started sending them to a nearby creche. One day her dream came true when she met one of Shikhar’s Executive and she felt as if she found the wings to fly.

Yes, this is the story of Babita Gautam resident of Shiv Vihar colony one of the backward areas of Delhi. She took a loan of Rs.7000/ (Seven Thousand) from Shikhar and with the same, she paid off all the debts, which she took from different lenders who charged high interest rate. She repaid the first loan of Shikhar and second time she borrowed Rs.15000 (Fifteen Thousand). This time she invested in her shop, The open space was covered and made into a semi open room where she started her Candy and Stationary shop. Her husband started a Dhaba where he sells snacks, Tea and lunch items. He started his own Catering Business which is growing day by day. He has accrued this skill by helping other established caterers and now he himself is known for his skills in the community. Earlier her children used to go to the creche but now they go to the nearby government school and her elder daughter is learning computers from a good Computer Institute.

She attributes her success to Shikhar MicroFinance Pvt. Ltd. She is now socially and financially sound.