Angela is a mother of four children: two daughters and two sons, one of which is currently studying software engineering. Angela was a graduate with a Bachelor’s degree from Agra University before receiving a micro-loan from Shikhar. Angela and her husband were in the business of manufacturing radio plates and electric plates, used for festivals like Diwali. While their skills were valuable, lack of capi- tal limited their business size. With the loan, she was able to take those specialized skills and invest in new equipment to expand the business to include mobile phone chargers. She says that the loan has been good. Interest rates at the bank are too high, but Shikhar’s are good. When we asked her about the changes that she experienced in her life after getting the loan, she told us that both of her children are now studying. One of her son is in the process of becoming a software engineer while the other who is in 11th have improved considerably.